We are a family that has fallen madly in love with English Mastiff and wants to share our love with others. They are the perfect breed in my opinion and we are always seeking and learning more about this wonderful breed and seeking ways to provide the best possible puppy for you. All our dogs are AKC registered.

We live in Boston, MA just a couple miles off I 22 and down a beautifully relaxing road through the woods.

Since 2009

Where our dogs are family

What Drives Us

We believe “a good man is kind to his animals” as the Bible says. Unlike many breeders you will find, We spend extra time and money to make sure our dogs and puppies are loved, socialized,  and well cared for.   This produces happy, well adjusted  puppies for our adoptive families. It’s that important to us!

 We welcome your questions, and hope we can help you find your forever puppy. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have.